What is percussion massage therapy?

percussion massage therapy

It is no wonder that percussion massage therapy has been a game-changer for the fitness industry with so many benefits. In just minutes of treatment, your muscles will release tension, and blood flow reaches them to help with healing. These vibrations affect deep tissues that touch nearly every part of your internal system to provide such immense health advantages!

What is Percussion Massage Gun?

A percussion massager gun is one of the most versatile tools in a massage therapist’s arsenal. Unlike other types, it can be used to target specific areas and muscles with precision. The sound vibrations work by creating an excess flow of oxygenated blood that clears away dead muscle tissues, bacteria, or any toxins found within those pockets around your aches and pains!

Furthermore, using this type of tool will also help you recover from strenuous exercise much faster than usual because they promote healthy circulation throughout the body. They also help prevent DOMS for people who often work out or exercise vigorously regularly. Now all you have to do is find a qualified professional who uses these devices for pain relief near me so we can get started right away on treating all your ailments! 

How exactly does a percussion massage help DOMS? 

A percussion massage helps DOMS because it increases blood flow, which carries the oxygen and nutrients your muscles need to heal.

A popular type of therapy, this process works by stimulating an area with light taps or strokes from hands or other instruments such as balls, rubber bands, cups, cones, and sticks, often in rhythmic patterns that increase circulation. Percussion massages have been shown to produce numerous benefits for people who are;

  • sick or injured, including pain relief at home when they can’t go into the office
  • reduced swelling during rehabilitation after surgery
  • increased muscle strength following injury due to improved tissue healing time through enhanced blood supply (giving you more energy)
  • decreased spasms caused by nerve entrapment also because of greater lymphatic drainage resulting in a greater range of motion

Do percussion massagers really work?

Many people find that percussion massagers do not work for them. They may cause numbness in certain areas of the body where they are placed or feel uncomfortable. However, there is a large community of massage fanatics who swear by this deep tissue technique and its powerful muscle-soothing qualities, so if you’re up to trying something new, give one a try!

How long should you use a percussion massager?

When it comes to recovery, I think the best thing is for people to follow their intuition. Some will feel like they need more, and others might not want as much time with one. It’s up to your discretion which method of using this device works best for you after engaging in strenuous activities such as running or working out at the gym!

How to Use a Percussion Massager? 

Before you’re starting with using an electronic percussion massager to treat your back pain, you need to know how it works. It’s not that hard! The device has three components: two pads and a handheld unit. The pads are placed on either side of your neck or lower back, and the handheld unit controls the massage. The handheld unit has a button to turn the unit on and off, and you use it to control the settings.

Three Parts of an Electronic Percussion Massager: 

1) Handheld unit 
2) Holders 
3) Pads with vibrating discs inside.

How does It work? To understand how it works, we have to know how a percussion massager works. Let’s start with the two parts of the device – the handheld unit and the pads.

The Handheld Unit 

You will find buttons for turning on/off, changing levels, and controlling massage movements in this part. You can also adjust timer settings from 1-7 minutes or even turn it off after 1 minute (which is kind of pointless because it takes about 10 seconds to turn it off after you press the button). 

On/Off Button: This switch turns on and off massager. 

Timer: The timer controls how long the device will stay on. You can choose one of four settings: 1, 2, 3, or 4 minutes – each level higher makes the massage stronger. 

Level: This button adjusts the intensity of the massager, which is measured on a scale from 1-5 (1 – low; 5 – high). Level 4 is usually enough to start with. 


This part of the device holds pads that are placed over your neck or lower back for treatment. In more detail later, we will look at it later – check this article about percussion massager pads to learn all you need!

Percussion Massager Pads 

This is the main part of an electronic percussion massager placed on the back or neck. It is made up of a thin layer of foam and has several discs inside it, with sharp metal points. These discs are what hit your skin to produce a massage effect.High-quality pads will be made of high-quality medical-grade foam with many metal discs inside them.

Strap:  This part of the device holds pads to your body and is made from an elastic material, which will help you feel comfortable during the massage.

The Percussion Massager How Does It Work? 

Again, we have to understand how a percussion massager works. The discs inside the pads move with the help of a spring-like mechanism. When you start using the device, each disc will hit your skin one after another, producing a percussive effect.

I have already mentioned three parts to this device: handheld unit, holders, and pads. To get a massage appropriately done, you need to place both of the holders on either side of your neck or lower back. Ideally, you would place one holder slightly higher than another to allow for more effective treatment. If you have a wound or injury, avoid placing pads directly over it to reduce the risk of irritation and prolong healing time.

When each disc hits your skin, it creates tiny vibrations, which are essential for blood circulation, and this is how the massager help to relax muscles. These vibrations generate heat by friction, which helps you feel better when you use it after a hard day.

How do I know what features I should look for in an electronic percussion massager?

Now we know what the device looks like and how it works – but how do I know what features I should look for in an electronic percussion massager?

There are several features you have to look for while shopping. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Number of Massage Pads

The biggest problem with electronic percussion massagers is that many people buy devices that come with only one or two pads. If you use those devices, you will get a massage just on one part of your body – and that’s not good for maximum effect!

2. Number of Levels

 If you have only one or two pads, it means that you will get a massage just on low intensity. It might help if you are in pain, but it may not be enough to relieve tension from muscles and allow you to relax effectively when used daily. 

Many manufacturers’ products have more than two intensity levels – and I recommend buying such a device if you can afford it because you will be able to choose from many different intensities when doing massage. 

3. Usage Time

It is obvious that the longer massage lasts – the better. Some massagers have one or two different presets, including settings for 30 and 60 minutes of massage (and some even more).

4. Handheld Massage

The best percussion massager will allow you to use it not only on your back but also on other parts of your body. This handheld massage feature is handy for massaging those hard-to-reach areas, including the neck and shoulders.

5. Waterproof

Many producers offer waterproof percussion massagers. If you want to use the device in the bathtub or shower – it might be an excellent choice to look for such a product because it will allow you to enjoy massage even without clothes.

6. Price 

This electronic percussion massager is an excellent gift for anyone who wants to be pampered in their own home. The price ranges from $30-$300, so it’s the perfect affordable present! It can help reduce swelling and pain by stimulating blood flow that may have been restricted due to injury or other factors.

If it is your first time shopping for a device like this, don’t be afraid of spending some money and getting something good. Remember that you don’t have to buy the most expensive model – but it has to be big enough (with more than two massage pads) and have great reviews from previous buyers. You also need to think about other features mentioned in the article before buying one.

I hope I was able to explain everything you need to know about percussion massagers. If you have any questions or remarks, please send me an email or post your comment on the site!