Tips On How To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership

How To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership

As the global recession has been affecting more and more people, many have cut their monthly expenses. 

Finding ways of staying fit without going to the gym is one way to save a little bit each month on your fitness costs. 

Going regularly to the gym could be costing you thousands every year, which might just become unaffordable for some who are already struggling with money as it is.

How To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership

When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins to make us feel better about ourselves while also making us healthier overall by removing toxins from our system, among other beautiful things that happen to our bodies. If you need a way of staying fit without going to the gym, here are some tips:


If you’ve got a bike, then it’s pretty easy to keep fit—just head out for a ride! If an exercise bike is your go-to at the gym, this can be a great alternative and much more fun too. 

You get to set your route, so there are no surprises as you work up that sweat. Make sure to mix things up every once in a while with different ways because variety keeps everything fresh!

Bench and weights

If you want to get the benefits of a home workout without having to pay for hours at the gym, then it’s time to invest in some weights and an exercise bench! 

These can be bought pretty cheaply these days, so you may as well just buy them upfront. 

With this equipment, nothing is holding us back from getting fit – not only does it allow us all sorts of exercises we couldn’t do before (like deadlifts!), but with our personal space set up any way that suits ourselves, what are we waiting for?


Yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy. You don’t need anything more than your body. 

Still, you might want to get yourself some good quality matting so that it doesn’t hurt when doing yoga poses on the floor or other surfaces where there could be debris like dust and dirt, which can make discomfort if not properly cared for during class time. 

There are heaps of DVDs online with instruction aimed at all levels, including beginner through advanced, along with thousands of free tutorials available too!

Exercise with no equipment

I’m a runner. I know, it’s not what you’re thinking- running can be for anyone! 

Running is one of the most accessible and inexpensive forms of exercise available today, with no special equipment necessary. 

With some motivation from friends or family members, even those who are less fit than yourself could enjoy this form of physical activity in their own time at whatever level they choose to do. 

Starting slow then building up over time like any other skill might take being practiced regularly. 

On top of that, there are many benefits if we make an effort, such as getting outside more often, which helps combat mental health issues by decreasing stress levels and improving moods and quality sleep cycles. 

All while increasing our cardiovascular endurance among others too numerous to name here but just know that they are worth it.

It’s also possible for you to use makeshift equipment in place of the “real” thing. For example, one does not need dumbbells to do weights; all required are heavy objects that can be lifted easily. 

When it comes to light aerobic training like lifting food tins- such as baked beans – this will work just fine! 

You could even take on heavier weight with large bottles of mineral water, and they would still provide a workout similar enough to be able to lift actual dumbbells but at no extra cost than your shopping bill!

Tip 1: If the gym forms a central part of your social life, then stopping your regular gym attendance might not seem like much of an option. 

But it is possible to get all those hard-working friends you built up at the fitness center to come and train with you from home!

Tip 2: Staying motivated during home workouts is one of the most challenging things, but there are many ways to keep up your motivation. 

One way is finding buddies from work out with at home – go for a run around town or get some friends over and do yoga in your living room!

A great way to stay motivated is by rewarding yourself for every workout. You can do this with food or small gifts, so be careful not to undo all your hard work!

Working out at home can be a great way to stay motivated while meeting your fitness goals. 

If you’ve got music or TV on hand, it should be easy for you to find something that will keep you feeling energized and engaged in what you’re doing – even if it means skipping the gym now and then! 

Just make sure not to let yourself start slipping into bad habits!