Cordless Back Massager For Pain Relief

Imagine that you can find yourself a deep-seated massage whenever and wherever you want with a cordless back massager, without paying a fortune for it.

This cordless massager can be applied where muscular pain occurs on your body. It will last to give you just the ideal message without ever being too much or too soft because you can control it yourself.

With this type of massager, you can get your massage to continue as long as you desire. And you also will put away dozens of costly visits to this massage therapist.

Cordless back Massager

Benefits Of Cordless Back Massager

Mobile and Rechargeable: You may even take it with you at the park or on the shore since it is rechargeable; therefore, it will not require an electrical source.

You get a grip on exactly where it applies tension and just how much energy level it uses. 

Unlike individual massage therapists, it doesn’t move off the location you need to, does not push too hard or too soft, and does not become tired from deep kneading.

Our Handheld Percussion Massager comes with a rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery that will supply you with 3 hrs of low-speed massage or 2 hours of high-speed massage after just 1,5 hours of charging (which is in an empty battery).

Massage with Heat: This wireless massager has a heat function, a massage with heat creates the stressed muscle relax longer and therefore provides you with the more extended advantage of the massage.

Save More Money: The purchase price is much less than one session with a massage therapist, so the yield on investment would be instant.

Fights Cellulite: If you, like so many women, fight with cellulite, give the affected area a nice massage. The massage increases blood circulation in the affected area, which helps diminish cellulite.

Improves Sleep: Following a wonderful massage experience, your muscles remain more comfortable and pain-free, which will significantly enhance your ability to fall asleep and your quality of sleep.

Best Gift Ideas: Would you know anyone who is suffering from chronic pain? Or desire to take care of someone you adore. Help them by giving them this massager as a gift, and they will be forever grateful to you.

Security and energy-saving mode: It has an automatic 15 minutes safety switch, which ends after fifteen minutes of massage. That is to ensure that your muscles do not get overstimulated just in case you fall asleep while using the massager. It has three adjustable speed settings so that you may choose what rate suits you best.

The heating function can be turned on or off as desired. It has a built-in overheating protection switch to ensure that the massager never has too warm for comfort.

This massager comes with an abysmal mode to produce the battery last even longer before requiring recharging again.

Advanced Heating Function: The electric kneading massager has infrared heating massaging feature. Together with the 16 massage nodes to admit heat, You can use this wireless massager to relieve muscle pain and tension after working out at the gym or an exhausting day. Simple to turn it on/off with just one click of the push button.

Three Massaging Intensities: This massager features three variable speed controls to customize your massaging style: Low Intensity for regular muscle pain relief and relaxation; Middle and High for tight knots and tense muscles and acupuncture points.

Quality Material: Material by skin-care premium breathable mesh and PU leather, this versatile massager works well both for the elderly and young. Relax with it regularly for 15 minutes daily. It works wonders for helping blood circulation and bettering sleep.