Air Compression Leg and Calf Massager


People who suffer from restless leg syndrome and other circulation-related issues.

This is a very effective way to help relieve uncomfortable symptoms of RLS, like burning or tingling in the legs. Air compression massager relieves these symptoms by stimulating blood flow throughout your body. It also improves overall circulation and helps you relax after a long day at work or play.

Our air compression leg and calf massager machine was designed to provide an affordable solution for people suffering from these conditions while still being easy on the wallet!

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Are you looking for a leg and calf massager?

The Air Compression Leg and Calf Massager is the perfect solution to your sore, tired, and restless legs. It’s designed with 2 airbags that provide kneading massage for your calf muscles and arms. This machine has multiple massage techniques that will help relieve pain in your lower back and restless legs syndrome. With 2 different modes of massage, there’s something for everyone!

You deserve to feel good all day long! Restless legs syndrome can be an uncomfortable condition that affects many people at night or sitting down. But now it doesn’t have to be a problem any more thanks to this incredible device! Get relief from those pesky symptoms today with our Air Compression Leg and Calf Massager.

Order one of these amazing leg and calf massager today!

Air Compression Leg and Calf Massager


Air Compression Leg and Calf Massager 7
Air Compression Leg and Calf Massager 9


Who needs this Leg & Calf Massager?

* People who travel frequently.

* People who often wear high heel shoes.

* People who suffer from cold legs and fatigued legs.

* Middle-aged and elderly people who have poor circulation.

* People who stand or sit for long periods and suffer from a tired, aching calf.

* Active people need exercise recovery, like biking, dancing, climbing, yoga, etc.

4 Highlights

* Air compression massager

* Built-in battery

* Multiple modes

* One-click control

Technical Parameters

Rated power: 7.5W

Rated voltage: 5V

Battery capacity: 2600mAh

Default timing: 30min

Note: This product is rechargeable with a Type-C interface for charging.

Package List

* 2 Pcs of Air Compression Leg & Calf Massager

* USB cable

* User manual

Weight 1.000 oz
Dimensions 22 × 37 × 10 in
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Air Compression Leg and Calf Massager
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