TENS EMS Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulator


You want to relax and relieve your aches and pains, but you don’t have time for a massage.

8 Models Electric Herald Tens Muscle Stimulator Ems Body Massage Therapy is the answer.

This wireless muscle stimulator uses seven different high-energy biological electronic currents to stimulate acupuncture points on your body, stimulating blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and relieving pain in just minutes per day.

The Micro-Electronic Program technology used in this device allows it to target specific areas of the body with great accuracy while also providing a full range of intensity settings so that you can adjust its strength as needed.

It also has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off after 30 minutes, so there’s no risk of overuse or injury from extended use.

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Do you have pain?

Our Pain Relief Massager TENS EMS Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulator is the perfect solution for your chronic pain. With our advanced digital technology, we can help you feel better in a matter of minutes!

The micro-electronic programs synthesize seven high-energy biological electronic currents to directly affect the body surface acupoints or no-fixed acupoints of the affected place. Induced by needing sensation through lifting.

You deserve relief from your chronic pain, and this device will provide it for you! It’s easy to use, affordable, and effective. What more could you want? Get yours today!

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8 Models TENS EMS Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulator

tens ems electrical nerve muscle stimulator

Operational instructions:

1. Battery installation

1) Open the deck.

2) Insert three batteries, paying attention to polarity

3) Close the deck cover firmly

2. Preparation of electrodes

1) Peel off the smooth film on the adhering pads,

2) Put the adhering pads on being winder after use.

3. Placing electrodes

1) Wipe the position of the body to be massaged with a wet towel to remove oil & dirt.

2) Stick the electrodes directly onto the skin to be massaged

3) Treatment can not be effective unless both electrodes are placed onto the body surface; it is unnecessary to place the two electrodes symmetrically.

2. Application method

1) Put on the power: press the on-off button, the LCD screen displays the power situ action, at the same time led display signing arrow of selection for therapeutic modes, which is including acupuncture, strength is 0, time is 15 minutes.

2) Chinese/ English display button: press this button, you can choose the led in Chinese or English

3) Selection for therapeutic modes; press the functional button; you can choose stroke, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping, cupping, weight reducing. Therapeutic, adjust immunology

 4)Adjust strength: Press this button once the Intensity can be increased by one level. Intensity reducing button, there are 15 intensity levels which can be set on the above, press this button once, the Intensity can be reduced by one level.

5) Time selection: you can select 5-15 minutes press one time, time will be added to 5 minutes.


Package Include:

Digital Therapy Machine X 1pcs

Electrode pads X 8 pcs

Connection line X 2pcs

Charger X 1

Manual X 1

Weight 0.160 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in

Massager Set

TENS EMS Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulator
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