Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep Massage


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  • Relieves Foot Pain: Shiatsu Foot Massager Relieves Tired Muscles & Improves Blood Circulation, Provides Foot Massage, Air Compression, Rolling, Shiatsu and Deep Kneading. Focuses On Complete Foot Coverage from Ankle to Toe that Normally Bears Most Weight.
  • Easy To Use: Easy, hygienic, healthy. The touch panel of this foot massager system is easy to control with your foot.
  • 3 Massage Level with Heating: It has 3 Levels of Massage Intensity to Suit Your Needs with Pressurized Compression. Just Find Your Favorite Setting, Completely Relaxed.
  • Quality & Safety: Comes with All Essential Certifications Home Adapter and Features Electric Shock Prevention and Overheating Protection.
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Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep Massage


  • Powerful Shake vibration massage in the middle of the foot, patented design, new generation massage technology.
  • Rolling kneading massage with the on the front and rear of the foot sole.
  • Large airbag air compression massage.
  • Far-infrared carbon fiber heating function, fast heating speed, good heat compress effect.
  • Have 3 Automatic programs; 3 levels of massage intensity; 3 vibration intensity modes.
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Our feet perform hard each day, mainly if we do many tasks and chores, which typically require a terrific deal of movement and walking. Like our neck, back, and shoulders, and our feet may additionally benefit from a regular massage.

It is relaxing to have a great foot massage; nevertheless, you can even get precisely the same advantages if you do it yourself.

What are the Advantages of Foot Massagers?

Foot massage lowers nervousness, stimulates muscle tissue, alleviates discomfort, and enhances flow. Reflexology treatment may help fix imbalances in the body by targeting distinct areas of one’s feet. Ideal stimulation of these feet will alleviate pressure in the entire body.

Having foot massagers allows you to make the most of the comfort that foot massage supplies. You may nap while using a foot massage, then watch for a movie, or even receive a pedicure later. It also allows us to check on our toes for bunions, corns, blisters, and toenail difficulties.

Some of the popular ways electric foot massagers are great if you are:

  • Enhancing flow to Decrease inflammation and swelling
  • Increasing freedom and flexibility in your feet
  • Upping Your immune system
  • Helping reduce stress and pressure in the afternoon
  • Fixing Muscle Mass strain in your toes
  • Elevating your mood and increases serotonin amounts
  • Possibly supplying nausea and headache relief

Reduces Swelling and Infection

Whenever you’re upward and on the move, you undoubtedly see the intermittent inflammation or inflammation in your toes and ankles.

Employing an electrical foot massage can help enhance blood flow to the feet and through the duration of your entire body! Even better blood flow reduces inflammation and swelling efficiently as the bloodstream flow effectively to all your extremities. Better blood circulation on the toes contributes to improved cardiovascular health as it lessens anxiety.

Increasing Liberty and Flexibility On Your Toes

Electric foot massagers are fantastic for you in another way as in addition they help extend the muscle fibers onto your feet. Massaging and stretching foot muscle tissue increases overall flexibility and variety of movement.

These may be convenient massage gains to both athletes and people with busy lifestyles since they can increase overall performance. Increased muscle wellness coupled with increased circulation may also be helpful boost energy levels.

Good For The Immune System

A foot massage may be part of pressure or reflexology into your foot to reduce stress and strain.

However, a secondary benefit of the massage is that it helps nourish the circulatory system and feed toxins in the entire body. This flush helps in avoiding illness and can raise your immunity system. Utilizing an electric foot massager can help improve the white blood cell process, preventing diseases and helping you keep healthier!

Anxiety and Stress Relief

The theory of reflexology is that stress for the toes can aid with anxiety recovery and relief to accompanying organs of the human anatomy.

Electric foot massagers are excellent for pressure relief to a chemical level, too.

Repairing Muscle Mass Strain

Your muscles in your feet are almost undoubtedly stiff and sore against distress, while your calves can ache out of walking, running, or even alternative bodily actions. This is another way electric foot and calf massagers are good for you simply because they help loosen up the muscles onto your foot.

If you have a busy lifestyle in that, you’re up, and on your feet often, you would like precisely the same treatment! An electric foot massager enables you to go through the great things about foot massage at home to fit your schedule.

Besides decreasing cortisol levels that might cause pressure or alternative adverse health effects, electrical foot massagers are lovely that you unwind and relieve discomfort. Whenever you’re utilizing an electric foot massager, the human body releases endorphins. These are all-natural hormones that were shown to boost mood degrees and also help reduce discomfort from intercepting pain hormones in your system.

Think about selecting a high-tech massage seat with foot pliers to create a health spa at home for excellent sculpting when you desire!

Could Electric Foot Massagers Function for Headaches and Migraines?

There are numerous theories concerning the effectiveness of reflexology on alleviating headaches. Some studies also have shown the prospect of arousing pressure points for migraine reduction for those that suffer from these. This remedy is traditionally also known as”acupressure” and may be obtained via a digital foot massager.

While researchers are being made and signs indicate possibly effective treatment for migraines, further research remains needed.

Weight 299.8287 oz
Dimensions 18.1102 × 12.5984 × 16.5354 in

Champagne gold

Massage Type1

Shake-Vibration massage

Massage Type2

Air compression massage

Overheating protection


Massage Type3

Roller kneading shiatsu massage

Product Name

Professional Intelligent Foot massager


Cotton, ABS

Item Type

Massage & Relaxation

Model Number


Massage intensity levels




Heating Type

Carbon fiber far infrared heating

Automatic programs


Automatic shutdown function



100-240V 65W

Suitable Size



Foot Massage

Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep Massage

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