Full Body Massage Chair


Saves More Time: Maximize your massage time with the great aid of your entire back by courtesy of our Full Body Massage Chair With Heat. Stimulating muscles on both sides of the backbone, back vibration offers gentle movement to help loosen muscles tightness.

Multifunctional Massager: 3 back massage zones to your options: full/upper/lower back. Rolling massage nodes with height adjustment travelling the entire length of your back, stimulating muscles on both sides of the spine.

Ergonomic Design Massage Chair: On top of the anti-rewind layout, an anti-skid layout is added to accommodate various extreme seating conditions to the best extent. The strapping system turns any chair into a massage chair.

The Correct Touch of Heat: What is the point of a fantastic massage without the addition of heat? The neck and back heating and relaxes tense muscles of the entire neck, back, waist, and shoulders.

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Best Full Body Massage Chair

Are you feeling sore and tired?

You deserve a break. Let the Full Body Massage Chair take care of you, so you can get back to your day refreshed and revitalized. This massage chair is designed for maximum comfort with its ergonomic design and high-quality materials.

It is perfect for those who want to relax after a long day at work or need some time out from their busy lives.

This Massage Chair will help relieve pain in your neck, body, and back while also providing an enjoyable experience with its shiatsu vibrator cushion that offers soothing relief on pressure points throughout the body.

With this chair, you can enjoy all these benefits without having to leave home! And it doesn’t stop there – our massage chairs are made of quality materials that last longer than other brands on the market today!

Saves More Time: The Full Body Massage Chair with Heat is perfect for maximizing your massage time and easing tight muscles on both sides of the back. The stimulating vibration will help loosen those pesky knots that have been bugging you all day long!

The best way to maximize our massages and eliminate any soreness in our bodies is just a few minutes away, thanks to this amazing device.

This relief system features two types of vibrations: gentle side-to-side movement, which loosens up tense muscle spasms while also incorporating soothing heat therapy for an extra kick or release from aches all over your body!

Multifunctional Massager: The 3 back massage zones you get to choose from are: full/upper/lower. Rolling nodes with a height adjustment, travelling down the entire length of your spine and stimulating muscles on both sides – this is what sets it apart from other shiatsu massages.

Ergonomic Design Massage Chair: The anti-skid layout makes this chair perfect for any extreme seating situation. The strapping system turns it into the most comfortable massage chair around. 

The Correct Touch of Heat: You deserve to be pampered and cared for. The Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion is designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, offering several soothing heat settings that will help loosen up tight muscles after long hours at the office or an intense workout session.


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Full Body Massage Chair



Back Neck Body massager

Rated time



PU Leather

Model Number



Relief pain / Gift


Vibrator massager

Rated voltage


Weight (JC-5 red/gold)

5.78 KG / 6.36 KG


150CM-185CM (Even 190CM)

Weight (JC-5 Black)

About 8 KG

Full Body Massage Chair
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