Cordless Wand Massager


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Do you want to relieve pain?

A cordless wand massager is an excellent tool for relieving pain. It has 5 modes and variable intensity, providing various deep tissue massage experiences that will help promote therapeutic relief and fatigue relief.

Plus, after using the massager for 10 minutes, it automatically stops to prevent overheating. Its also handheld and cordless design makes it easy to bring with you anywhere!

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Portable Wand Massager

When you’re in pain, it can be hard to relax and focus on getting better. The stress of your situation is a big part of the problem.

You want something that will get rid of the pain fast, but you don’t want to overheat or plug anything into an outlet while doing so.

Our cordless wand massager uses powerful vibrations to get at all those knots and release them from deep within your muscles!

It’s easy to use and comes with five different settings for different massage styles, including kneading and tapping motions.

Best of all? There are no cords or plugs involved! Just press a button and go wherever you need relief most.

Cordless Wand Massager

What is a cordless wand massager?

A wand massager is a device that can be used to massage different parts of the body. The most common areas for use include the back, neck and shoulders but it could also potentially benefit other muscles in one’s anatomy if they were needed.

Cordless Wand Massager Specs:







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1*Electric Cordless Wand Massager



The powerful rechargeable cordless wand massager that generates deep penetrating vibrations to reduce pain.

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Cordless Wand Massager

You Save: $10.56 (17.4%)

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